Band Dads

Q. What is a Band Dad?
A. Band Dads are the transportation committee of the Mt. Carmel Marching Sundevils Music Foundation.

  • We are responsible for transporting all equipment, instruments, uniforms, etc. to all Band and Color Guard events, including football games and band tournaments.
  • We are responsible for ensuring that equipment arrives and is staged before the band needs to practice or perform, and for loading everything back up after the show. Our goal is to make every event fun, safe, and enjoyable for all, and we do this by thinking ahead and staying calm and organized. The Band Director should not have to worry about equipment being at the right place at the right time, and the students should feel confident that we can get them on and off the field in the allotted time.
  • We are also responsible for maintaining equipment, building props, and assisting with any other project that our Directors and Assistants can think up.

Q. How do I join?
A. Email to be added to the Band Dad Email Distribution List.

Q. What does the Band Dad uniform consist of?
A. We’re not too hard-core about this Band Dad uniform deal, but here’s the skinny: Comfortable, sturdy walking shoes since we cover a lot of ground, blue jeans or khaki shorts, and a Marching Sundevils red polo or a red shirt with a band dad badge.

Q. When do I wear my uniform?
A. Whenever the kids are in performing, we should be in our red polo’s. Band dad badges will be passed out at the first few games. The red polo’s and badges help to distinguish us from the fans and get us in and out of the football game without paying for a ticket.

Q. When should I buy a Marching Sundevils red polo shirt?
A. Orders can be placed during band camp, at the same time as the new students order theirs. There has been some discussion about having a Band Dad T-shirt. Look for more information to come as the season progresses.

Q. Do I need to attend every event to be a Band Dad?
A. Absolutely not! We appreciate any time you can give us!

Q. Is there any other optional equipment I may want as a Band Dad?
A. Some of us have found it beneficial to carry a small multi-tool and flash light on our belts, with black and white electrical tape in our pockets, and work gloves, for all of those unexpected things that come up at an event and practice.

Q. What is our call time on performance day?
A. Our call time is usually half an hour before the kids.

Q. Where do we meet for a performance?
A. At the band room by the semi-trailer.

Q. Where do I park for a football game or tournament?
A. Please park in the main parking lot as there is no parking allowed near the band area.

Q. How do I get to a Saturday performance?
A. You are responsible for your own transportation to the event. Carpooling with other Band Dads is advisable to get to the events. Please try and arrange this before as spouses and siblings need to be considered also.

Q. Do I need to spend the entire Saturday with the band?
A. No, your help is always welcome and greatly appreciated. If you would like to spend the day with us it’s a lot of fun. There are kind of two shifts, the early unload, where we really only need a few dads, then the performance and reload, where we need many more dads to push the instruments and reload the semi.

Q. Can I help with just the field show?
A. Absolutely. For a Saturday tournament, please meet up with us at least an hour before the performance at the trailer, and for a football game meet us just before halftime on the track.

Q. Will there be a performance “rain or shine”?
A. If we are at a performance and weather conditions are unfavorable, we may be in a wait and see situation. In that case we will adjust for that day, hour, minute etc. This decision is the band director’s call. We try to prepare for all situations.