Poway Days Parade this Saturday Sept. 9th

Call Time 8:00 AM (see map) The City will start closing roads at 8:00 AM so arrive early. Drop off at the Smart and Final parking lot near the corner of Poway Road and Pomerado Road. (used to be Michaels Craft store) Pick up on Community and Poway Road.

Parents: Drop your students off, then park by Community and Poway Road and watch the parade.

Students will wear Red Polos, Black Shorts, White Socks and White Tennis Shoes.

Use Sun Tan lotion, eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of water before you arrive!


poway days

Marching Heat Alert and Sat Sep 16 rehearsal

Marching Families,

It’s going to be very hot today so I’m going to keep the kids off the field today – we will not be going to the stadium today due to the high heat.

On hot days we do modify the rehearsals and give frequent breaks and shorten practice time in the stadium.

Also, if you could remind students to bring a hat, sunscreen and a thermos of cold water everyday for rehearsals. Many student are coming up to the stadium unprepared for the heat.

Finally, please save Saturday September 16th open for a morning rehearsal …thanks!

Garry McPherson

Orchestra Auditions

Welcome to all our new members!

Orchestra Auditions begin the first week of school to place all students on the appropriate parts. This is a “get to know you” audition so we can find out what level you are playing at right at this time…Do not get too stressed out over this audition, we know you will grow tremendously over the year and will have the opportunity to improve you placement over the course of the year.

Audition Materials:

Bring a prepared piece of music to play.  This piece should be music you can play well to show us your best playing and level that you are at. The music can be a piece you are working on with your private teacher if you study. Otherwise, bring a piece you can play through that best represents your ability.

Students should be able to also demonstrate:

G-Major scale three octaves, up and down.

D-Major scale in spiccato style

C-Chromatic Scale

Auditions begin the second day of regular orchestra class.