Band Picture Day (Full Band, Guard & Sections)

Picture Day (For band only, including The Pit) on Saturday, September 16, 2023

-Students will be taking the official band and color guards pictures in the stadium with Brett. All band students will be in their black/red field show uniforms without the shako.

-Band students should come in dressed in their uniforms’ appropriate black undergarments, such as a black v-neck t-shirt (v-neck is preferred, crew neck is acceptable); black bike shorts or compression shorts or tights; black crew socks, socks need to cover over the ankles.

-No makeup, nail polish, or jewelry are allowed. No phones or wearable devices are allowed while in uniforms. Exception must be cleared by Mr. Fierro.

-Students will not need to use the shakos for the pictures. Therefore, the only hair requirement is to keep it neat and presentable. A minimum hair product should be applied.

-Students need to bring in their black marching shoes and wear them for the pictures. Please check to make sure the shoes are properly laced with no blank holes.

-Students should bring in another set of field practice-appropriate clothing and shoes to change into after the pictures.

-Sunscreen products should be applied after the use of uniforms.

—Sincerely, the MCHS Band Uniforms Team Leads (Lori Welch and Nicole Goebel)

Additionally for this Saturday only, the rehearsal will be from 8 am – 2 pm. 8 -10 a.m. is scheduled for pictures and uniforms. Rehearsal on the field is to follow.

-Students are highly encouraged to bring in their own water bottle/jug for the day.

-Pizza lunch will be provided by the Foundation for all the band and color guards students and staff. Students can bring in a small snack if preferred. Please note that this is a working lunch situation.