Week of Oct. 3rd

Competition Season Begins this Saturday!

Wednesday-Rehearsal 5:50 PM-9:15 PM

(Those families celebrating Yom Kipper, please notify Mr. Mac or Ms. Francis if you will be missing Wednesday’s rehearsal)

FridayStudents: Don’t forget to take home your Instrument/equipment and everything you need for Saturday’s Performance! Clean your shoes and have your Compression shorts, black socks, black T-shirt and guard costume ready to go! Percusion/Sousaphones: Load Semi trailer for tournament after school!

Saturday AM-Mattress Fundraiser in MC Gymnasium. Students will sign up for shifts and parents need to drop your student off at MT. CARMEL gym. Parents can then go to the gym to see the Mattress Sale. Please reach out to friends and family to encourage them to shop for a mattress and support our program.

Saturday PM Rancho Bernardo Tournament! Call time at Rancho Bernardo High School 6:30 PM

Parents! Please drop your students off at Rancho Bernardo High School, buy a ticket and cheer on our Sundevils in their first competition! We need our parents in the audience cheering us on!  We also need Band Dads and Band Moms for help! Contact our head Band Dads and Moms to volunteer.

MC performs at 8:45 PM

Awards at 9:15 PM

9:50 PM Pick up your student after awards ceremony. Make pre-arrangement where to meet your student. All students must stay for awards. Please be on time to pick up your student if you are not attending the show.