Music Program Discount Card Fundraiser

Our discount card fundraiser is off to a good start, with most of the students downloading the App!

To ensure the fundraiser’s success, we encourage parents to download the App so that we parents can reach out to our contacts.  It is so easy and can be done in three steps.

Step 1 From your App Store, download and install “Scoreboard FR”

Step 2 – Sign in using the same name and password your student uses for the App.  This links you to your student, and they will get credit for any sharing you do.

Once you are signed in, you can easily share with your contacts

Step 3 – Click the Share Button, then click Share Image and select the methods to share (text, email, social media).  All your contacts receive is a simple message about the fundraiser with your student’s information and a link to make the purchase.

That’s it!

  • The discount card is nationwide, so it makes a great gift.
  • Works like an App on your phone, so no coupons or book to carry around.
  • Has over 4000 discounts in San Diego
  • More discounts added on a regular basis
  • $14 dollars for each card sold goes back to the Mt. Carmel Music Program