3/20 update

Hello Everyone,

Mr. McPherson and Ms. Francis hope you are doing well and staying healthy. We understand that things are full of uncertainty now, and we are doing our best to keep you informed. A few important updates:

Video Message to Students from Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser:

We are incredibly happy to announce that Smart Music has gifted all of our students with a FREE premium subscription, for use until June 30th, 2020.  Through smart music, students will have access to thousand of songs, exercises, and real time music

To join, you’ll need to visit SmartMusic.com and enter your class code. Class codes will be emailed to students and will also be posted on my connect. If you have questions or have trouble, email Ms. Francis. You are welcome to explore all of the repertoire Smart Music offers, and Ms. Francis will begin to add music in each class as well.

Ms. Francis will continue to post music activities in MyConnect. In addition to smart music, you are welcome to check out interactive discussions and other activities. Updates will occur weekly.

Private Lessons:
Many of our private music instructors are currently offering online lessons. We hope you are reaching out to them!

2020 Field Show:
We are so excited to announce that the first two movements are finished! We will be announcing our show soon, (most likely through zoom) and will continue to post updates. Stay tuned!