Update 3/16

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our Instrumental Music Page! We understand that things are full of uncertainty right now, however Mr. McPherson and Ms. Francis will try their best to keep things running as much as possible.

First and foremost (as of 3/16/2020), all assignments are optional and considered to be enrichment activities. They will not be included for any grading purposes.

Ms. Francis will post these enrichment activities in myconenct.  If you have issues logging in, email Ms. Francis at JFrancis@PowayUSD.com or Mcmf.asstdirector@gmail.com.

As of now, (March 16th, 2020), we hope that you continue to do the following:


Keep practicing! (Individually)  Each student on Friday should have received new music to continue to learn and work on.  If things permit, we will add additional music to Dropbox. We will keep you updated as to if/when this will be available.

Practice Logs:

In my connect, there are two practice log assignments. Also created a google document, which you can then add to your drive and submit if you do not have access to a printer.  You may also submit a photo. You may have your parent type his/her name in liu of signature (if submitting online). This is a great resource to help us stay on track and to remind us to keep working on our music.

Scale Proficiency Submissions: 

If you would like feedback on your proficiency scales, you are welcome to email Ms. Francis or Mr. McPherson AND/OR submit a video of you playing. Again, these will not receive credit, but if you need help/or are struggling to learn scales, we will do our best to help you and give you feedback so that you can keep practicing.

Check the website, and our announcement page, regularly for more announcements and our updates.

Keep Calm, stay well, practice and wash your hands!