Private Music Lessons

Should My Student Take Private Music Lessons?

The quick answer is YES! Private instruction is when a student is able to work one-on-one with a professional musician, the private teacher is able to work more in depth with the student on their instrument. Students will get help with developing a more professional tone on the instrument, fundamentals of playing their instrument correctly with better technique and help with a set of goals that will help your student excel on their instrument. Of course, the student must do their part and practice the lessons and assignments that the private teacher assigns to the student. Over the years, we know that when a student studies privately, they will improve as a musician. We have never witnessed a student become a worse musician when studying privately. At Mt.Carmel, we have a list of highly recommended teachers where many teach on campus after school. What could be easier to help your student improve on their instrument by taking lessons?

Recommended Private Music Instructors (scroll down for the list)

Sandra Russell 619 917 1878

Jane Masur 858 748 4721


Amy Kalal


Danette White (619) 444 1087

April Leslie (619) 792-5339

Anders Nelson

Keith Jacobson
(619) 583-1277
(619) 987-1277

Tim Saeger (858) 922 0846

French Horn

Rachael Casey

Mike McCoy 858 245 4697

Jim Prindle (858) 278 8206

Louise Titlow (619) 990 5622

Sean Reusch (760) 438 4884


Eric Hom

858 354 0397

Scott Sutherland (818) 434 1596


Greg Karlo

619 905-5760

Maya Ginsberg (858) 775 8389


Michael Tagart (619) 392-7347


Anna Piland (858) 761-1526

String Bass
Sam Johnson (619) 847 7409