Uniform Moms

Uniform Moms are responsible for helping the students look their best at football games, tournaments, and/or parades. Duties include checking students to make sure they aren’t wearing make-up, jewelry or nail polish; buffing shoes; adjusting and wiping out shakos; tucking hair into shakos, and helping students hang up the uniforms correctly. Appearance is an important part of the competition and it takes a team to do this in an efficient manner. We also help the Band Moms as needed.

Q. How do I join?
A. To sign up as a Band Mom or Uniform Mom click here

Q. What does the Uniform Mom uniform consist of?
A. We are more into spirit wear than a uniform. I would suggest comfortable, sturdy walking shoes since we cover a lot of ground, a Marching Sundevils T-shirt, or a red shirt and a uniform mom badge. Black aprons are provided each time the students are in uniform. Aprons include bobby pins, comb, hair ties, gloves, pants clips, etc. They are collected and re-stocked at the end of each event.

Q. When do I wear my uniform?
A. Whenever the kids are performing, we should be in our red shirts and black aprons. Uniform mom badges will be passed out at the first few games if you don’t already have one. The red shirts and badges help to distinguish us from the fans and get us in the football game without paying for a ticket.

Q. When should I buy a Marching Sundevils red shirt?
A. Orders for spirit wear can be placed during band camp, at the same time as the new students order theirs. Other options include | Section shirts – available once a design is finalized by each section – usually around mid-September. | Mt Carmel Tournament T-shirts
– usually available by mid-October

Q. Do I need to attend every event to be a Uniform Mom?
A. Absolutely not! We appreciate any time you can give us!

Q. Do I need to know how to sew and/or iron to be a Uniform Mom?
A. Not at all! The uniforms are highly adjustable with snaps and the head uniform moms take of any sewing and ironing that may be needed.

Q. Are there any other items I may need as a Uniform Mom?
A. I would suggest bringing your own water bottle and maybe a hoodie or jacket for those chilly evening performances.

Q. What is our call time on performance day?
A. Our call time is the same as the students.

Q. Where do we meet for a performance?
A. If we are performing at Mt Carmel, we will meet in the Uniform room inside the band building or at the semi-trailer later in the season. If we are performing at another location, we will meet in that location’s parking lot by the Mt Carmel semi-trailer.

Q. Where do I park for a football game or tournament?
A. Please park in the main parking lot as there is no parking allowed near the band area.

Q. How do I get to a Saturday performance?
A. You are responsible for your own transportation to the event. Carpooling with other Uniform moms is advisable to get to the events. Please try and arrange this before as spouses and siblings need to be considered also.

Q. Will there be a performance “rain or shine”?
A. If we are at a performance and weather conditions are unfavorable, we may be in a wait and see the situation. In that case, we will adjust for that day, hour, minute, etc. This decision is the band director’s call. We try to prepare for all situations.