Marching Sundevil Uniform Care & Rules

As a proud Marching Sundevil, we ask that you abide by the following care instructions and rules to help us preserve the uniform that you are assigned and to keep it in excellent condition. Please note that both students and parents are financially responsible for any damage due to neglect and/or misuse of the Marching Sundevil Uniform which, in total, costs $400. Please keep these rules handy for your reference throughout the year. There are three possible uniforms used throughout the marching season: Field Show Uniform, Parade Uniform, and Summer Uniform. Field Show and Parade Uniforms are kept at Mt. Carmel High School. The Parade Uniform (used only for scored competitions) is the same as the Field Show Uniform except the pants are red instead of black, and gloves are not worn.

Specific Undergarments for Field Show and Parade Uniforms 

  1. T-shirt – Black, plain (no logos), 100% cotton, short-sleeve, V-neck 
  2. Compression Shorts (examples: fitted biking shorts for boys or mid-thigh spandex shorts or leggings for girls) – Black or solid colored (no pinstripes or patterns). These are to be worn to all uniform fittings and all performances (football games & tournaments) where uniforms are specified. You wear compression shorts under your regular clothing or under your uniform, never as stand-alone shorts for either boys or girls. 

Parent/Guardians/Students: These specified undergarments (provided by the parents) are essential to maintain modesty at fittings and at performances as you will be changing in and out of uniforms in public places. The 100% cotton t-shirt is essential to absorbing perspiration while wearing the uniform, similar to the way an undershirt is worn under a man’s dress shirt. 

Marching Shoes and Socks for Field Show and Parade Uniforms

  1. Socks – Black, plain, crew socks (provided by the parents)
  2. Drillmaster Black Marching Shoes – are to be worn only for performances (football games & tournaments). Other shoes need to be worn before and after performances. Clean your “Drillmasters” after every performance with soap and water and polish them with Vaseline as needed. Please do not use shoe polish while wearing your Marching Sundevil Uniform. Always unlace the shoes when removing them and never walk on the back heel. For your convenience, and to avoid the expense of needing to purchase more shoes, label the inside of your shoes. Drillmaster Marching Shoes are available for purchase through the Band Uniform Dept. If you are unable to purchase new shoes, used shoes will be provided for you. 

Summer Uniform (July 4th Parade, End of Band Camp Concert, Poway Days Parade, etc…) 

  1. Red Marching Sundevil Polo, short sleeve (Order here:
  2. Black Shorts – Plain solid black, at least 5-inch inseam, no rips or holes
  3. White Socks – Plain solid white 
  4. White Tennis Shoes – Plain solid white

All of these items are provided by the parents. If you are unable to afford these items, lightly used ones will be provided for you.

Gloves (Field Shows Only)

Each Marching Sundevil will receive one pair of black gloves at the start of the season and it is your responsibility to keep them clean. Additional pairs, if lost or stained, are available for purchase from the Uniform Dept. at $3 a pair.

  • Battery/Pit Only: You will not wear or need gloves. 
  • Flutes & Clarinets: You will cut off the fingertips of the gloves.  You may hem the fingertips or use “fray check” if desired.

Marching Sundevil Shakos (i.e. hats)

With the exception of the Pit Section, everyone wears a shako (hat). The shako that you are assigned to will be placed in a shako case labeled with your name, housed in cabinets on the MCHS trailer, and assigned a number. Everyone is to handle their shako only with gloved hands. Your shako is in one of three places: your head, shako case, or in a plastic bag (provided to you in your shako case) during football games. If the shako is anywhere else but these three places it is in the wrong place and is subject to being misplaced or damaged, in which case you are then liable for replacement or repair.


Plumes are the feathered decoration placed separately into the front of each shako (hat). Again, everyone, with the exception of the Pit and Sousaphone sections and when the occasion calls for it, will don these on their shakos.  These plumes are extremely fragile and delicate and this is why only Uniform and/or Band Moms will place them on or remove them from your shakos. Students are never to touch the plumes. Please be aware of the extra height above you while you are “plumed” and avoid potential low-hanging structures, tree branches, hallways, and doorways.

Uniforms and Garment Bags

The uniform you are assigned will be placed on a hanger, in a garment bag, labeled with your name. They will be placed either in the Uniform Room or the MCHS Trailer in alphabetical order. 

To hang up the uniforms: Fold the pants along the crease as you would hang good dress pants.  Hang them on the hanger and then put on the pant clip to secure the pants for transport.  The jacket goes on the hanger with the front of the jacket on the concave part of the hanger and zips down the back. 

Garment Bag Care: After wearing, put the uniform in the garment bag with the zipper halfway up.  This allows wet (from perspiration) uniforms to air out.  The bags are not indestructible and must be handled with care.  Garment bags are for uniforms only; no shoes or other heavy items are allowed in the bags.  While the uniform is being worn, please hang up garment bags on the rolling racks provided and do not leave them on the ground.

 Hygiene and Hair

  1. Please shower before getting into the Marching Sundevil uniform and wear deodorant which will help keep the uniform from smelling bad. No facial hair during marching season is allowed. Please arrive clean-shaven. 
  2. Hair: Please wash and dry your hair prior to performances. Do not use any hair products such as hair gel or spray as they damage the shakos. A black headband is recommended for keeping short hair tucked under the shako.
  3. Students with short hair: Hair must be kept trimmed, neat, and off the jacket collar.
  4. Students with long hair: Hair must be gathered into a high ponytail and secured into a bun without using hair products such as hair gel or spray. Please ARRIVE with hair done prior to all performances. 

While in Uniform

  1. No eating or drinking: PLEASE, there is absolutely NO EATING (including candy), CHEWING GUM, or DRINKING. The only drinking allowed will be water provided to everyone by the Band Moms. 
  2. Using the bathroom: If while in uniform “nature calls” and you have to use the restroom, PLEASE ask a Band Mom nicely to help you out of your jacket, hold it while you use the facilities, and help you back into your jacket once you exit. 
  3. No Jewelry: That includes watches, and piercings (ears or otherwise).
  4. No Make-up or nail polish allowed: Please come with a freshly washed face and with clean, natural nails. 


The Marching Sundevil Band is judged on their music, marching ability, AND on their appearance at both field shows and parades. We need to present a neat, clean, sharp, uniform, military look. That is why a lot of these rules are in place. The uniforms you wear today will be used for many more years to come and we want to proudly preserve them. That is why we ask each and every one of you to respect the Marching Sundevil uniform and its accessories as you would respect a rented tux or gown. This means putting them on with care and taking them off with care. We ask that the Marching Sundevil uniform be at one of two places: on your student or hung up appropriately in a garment bag. Care should be taken to not set any part of the uniform on the ground. 

Being proud to be a Marching Sundevil starts with being proud to wear the Marching Sundevil Uniform!