Tournament Volunteers Needed!

We’re in search of volunteers for the Mt Carmel Tournament of Bands! If you’re interested in contributing but unsure about the available roles, take a look at the list below to see which positions are already filled. At the time of this announcement, these roles still require additional assistance. The percentage indicates how many slots have already been occupied, so if a position is at 35%, we definitely need more volunteers! 🙂

Field Show Volunteers 19%
Ushers Volunteers 31%
Band Dad Volunteers 35%
Color Guard Volunteers 39%
Parking Volunteers 44%
Volunteer Coordinator Volunteers 45%
Concessions Lower Volunteers 50%
Security Volunteers 50%
Equipment Donations 50%
Concessions Home Side Volunteers 56%
Merchandise Volunteers 57%
Concession Visitor Volunteers 64%
Parade Volunteers 67%
Facilities Set up & Tear Down Volunteers 70%
Food Donations 70%
Judges Liaison Volunteers 75%
Concession and Vendor Support Volunteers 75%
Hospitality Volunteers 90%
Ticket Sales Volunteers 100%
Uniform Mom Volunteers 100%
Band Mom / Chaperone Volunteers 100%

To sign up go here: