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Week of Oct. 25th


Mt. Carmel Tournament of Bands This Week!!!

Parents! please sign up for Volunteer Shifts to help with our tournament!

Click here to volunteer

We also need food donations! Please see the link at the above site and donate what you can.

Friday-Set up MC Tournament-Students and Parents don’t forget your shift times!

Saturday- MC Tournament!

Parade Band Call Time at MC band Room: 11:00 AM

Parade Competition time is 1:00 PM

Awards at 2:15

Field Band Call Time at MC Band Room: 6:00 PM

Performance at 7:45 PM

Awards at 8:15 PM

Don’t forget to stay and help clean up the tournament!


Week of 10/18

Wednesday Evening Rehearsal 6:00 PM-9:15 PM

Friday-Football game Call time: 5:30 PM

Poway Tournament of Bands 10/23

Saturday call time at Poway High School 4:30 PM

Our Semi Trailer will be parked on Titan Way

Performance at 6:30 PM

Awards at 7:45 PM (This is the last exhibition performance MC will have. Competition begins at the MC tournament for us)

Awards are optional for this performance. Students may stay if they wish and will need to sit together in the designated area in the stadium. All other ceremonies students will be required to stay for awards.

Click link for schedule:

2021 Poway

Friday Middle School Night Football Game Schedule 10/15

Call time for MC students is 5:15 PM

Stretch and change into uniform.
6:00 PM warm up with 8th graders in sections.

6:15-parade band block up with middle schoolers in the back

6:20-march up to stadium

7:00PM-game starts

8:15-8:30 perform at half time

9:30 approximately, game ends-change out of uniform.


Rancho Bernardo Field Tournament – October 9, 2021

Rancho Bernardo Field Tournament – October 9, 2021

What: Rancho Bernardo Field Tournament
Where: Rancho Bernardo High School – 13010 Paseo Lucido San Diego CA 92128 (map pdf) (Google Maps)

Call Time: 6:00 pm
Performance Time: 8:45 pm
Parents can pick up their child at 9:15 pm following the Awards Ceremony

For additional technical information for Band Dads and Band Moms click here.