Welcome to MC!

Week of 8/20

Parents and students! please remember to always check our calendar on this site and posts for updated information regarding our program, events and special instructions Mr. McPherson will post updates weekly.

Orchestra: Violin auditions begin 8/23

you will be asked to play the following;

G major scale 3 octaves or as high as you can play

D major scale spiccato style

C chromatic scale 1 octave

Beethoven 5th symphony 1st mvt. or a prepared solo work

Band and Guard

8/22 Wednesday-first Wednesday evening rehearsal for band and guard. 6:00 PM-9:15 PM

Remember to be on time! We always start at 6:00 PM sharp so make sure you have all your gear and up at the stadium ready to go before 6:00 PM. You need your dot book pencil and coordinate sheet and your instrument/gear

Make sure you eat dinner before you arrive and bring water. Wear tennis/cross trainer type shoes and comfortable clothes you can move in.

Friday 8/24-first Football game! 

Call time is 5:45 PM, game starts at 7:00

We will wear our Summer Uniform (red polos, black shorts, white socks and white tennis type shoe)

This will be an “in the stands” only performance. (Practice your pep tunes)

Saturday 8/25-first Saturday Rehearsal in the Stadium 

Call time is 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Bring water and snacks.Bring all your gear for the rehearsal.

Remember to be on time! We start at 9:00 sharp!

*Next extra Rehearsals are scheduled Saturday September 15th and Friday Sept. 28th